Old Richard’s General Store

“An over sized sign catches your eye – nearly as long as the building itself and as tall as a man. The paint has nearly faded away, but you can barely make out pale red letters against a formerly white background – ‘Old Richard’s General Store’. The door to the shop is casually ajar and you can see several wood-handled tools leaning against the window from the inside.”

Old Richard’s General Store is a secondhand store located in Flagstaff. It is owned and operated by Budo Tythis. The store carries a wide array of goods in various states of repair. The store always seems to be overflowing with merchandise. Items are arranged in a seemingly random manner on various shelves and racks and, often, the floor.

Game Effects

Old Richard’s sells most common items found on pages 47 and 48 of the Player’s Guide. The goods are mostly “el cheapo” quality (pg 43). If a player prefers to buy a “like new” item instead, roll 1d6. On a 5 or 6, the player finds an acceptable item to purchase.

The selection of weapons is smaller. Melee weapons are available on a roll of 4-6 on a d6, ranged weapons on a 6. The weapons are not “el cheapo” quality, however. Ammunition is readily available.

Old Richard’s General Store

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