The Sorcerer


The Sorcerer is an unnamed man from China described by White Tiger as exceptionally evil and powerful. White Tiger and his friends defeated him with extreme difficulty approximately 10 years prior. To ensure The Sorcerer would not reincarnate, what remained of his body was dismembered and pieces of him were entrusted to the surviving members of White Tiger’s band.

The party stumbled upon one piece, a decrepit finger. They were sent to recover another piece from Fort Ascension but Mr. Coyle claimed it instead. White Tiger went north to locate his former allies and try to confirm the remaining pieces are safe.

White Tiger has deliberately said little about The Sorcerer and much of his past and present are unknown. What is clear is that there are people willing to kill to obtain The Sorcerer’s body parts, including the obviously supernatural Mr. Coyle, and that is reason enough to be worried.

The Sorcerer

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