Mr. Coyle


Mr. Coyle is a duplicitous man in league with, or possibly controlled by, dark forces.

Mr. Coyle has dark tan skin and claims to be the son of a black slave and her master’s son. He wears a frayed tan hat with two rabbit’s feet tied to the hatband. His body is covered by a dirty and torn gray wool coat several sizes too big. Beneath the coat he wears a once-white shirt now dulled and dusty black suit pants.

He met the party on the road to Fort Ascension. He told them he was trying to get into the fort himself but was being repulsed by a cult which had taken residence. He also mentioned his Mexican hirelings were afraid to attack the cult due to a blasphemous idol seen within the fort. The party stormed the fort to destroy the cult and idol but found after the battle that there was no cult after all. Mr. Coyle entered the fort and disgorged a cloud of black beetles which flew down the well and retrieved the piece of The Sorcerer hidden there. Mr. Coyle was shot by “Charlie” and the party made their escape while Coyle was distracted. His current whereabouts, and the whereabouts of the body part, are unknown.

When Mr. Coyle released the cloud of beetles it was made clear he had a connection to whatever entity caused the deaths of numerous people, including Eudora’s parents, in the early days of Flagstaff.

Mr. Coyle

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